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Digital Wallet

Get to known the crypto wallets available in our marketplace of choice and choose yours own. You should get one in order to make transactions in the Web3.

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A brave new world filled with long acronyms, unicorns, memes, and slang that changes quicker than a well executed rug pull (sic). This living glossary is updated often!

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NFT license

Understand how the NFT license works and be aware of the rights involved in a NFT transaction. Even in a new landscape all sellers and buyers must be protected.

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Privacy Policy

How we care for your data and how we will deal with it. A privay policy intended to provide to you a safe place to deal with this incredible new world.

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Terms of Service

These Terms of Use govern your access to and use of certain products, services and properties made available by V8art Gallery. Please read it!

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Launch Reminder


Choose your favorite calendar app to be reminded of the launch of this collection.