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Kinkas Caetano

Kinkas Caetano


Art as a necessity

With a degree in Communication Marketing and Journalism from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and in Plastic Arts from the University of Paris VIII, Kinkas Caetano is passionate about graphic design and works as an illustrator for the press. At the same time, he began a self-taught artistic activity through various plastic experiments, performances and installations. It was in 1989 that art definitively imposed itself in his life, when a graphic design competition sponsored by Unicef ​​enabled him to win a 6-month study grant in Switzerland. He then quickly turned to painting and multiplied pictorial experiments, in particular a project entitled Amazonica” carried out on the forecourt of the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris. Encouraged by his friend Octavio Herrera, he exhibited his works for the first time in 1992 at the Brazilian Embassy.

Nature painter

The tropical roots of Kinkas Caetano permeate his plastic universe. Nature and humans are at the heart of his artistic work, referring us to the fundamental questioning of the place of man in the world, of his action on his environment. In his work, natural and cultural forces clash and materialize on the canvas through recurring elements: the body, sometimes feminine, chaotic or nurturing, blends harmoniously into a chromatic and graphic abundance, evocation of a living, exuberant nature. and fragile. Characterizing his work as instinctive and random, the artist is fond of acrylic paint and has a predilection for frank and saturated colors.

From Brazil to the world

Since his first exhibition, Kinkas Caetano has established himself on the international scene. His works have been exhibited in Brazil but also in France, Hungary, Lebanon, Switzerland, Portugal and the United States, notably at Miami Art Basel in 2015.

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