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Malu Toledo

Malu Toledo


Brazilian tattoo artist known by her style of thin and delicate lines, Malu Toledo (Instagram: @tattoomalu) works at Tattoo Factory studios located in Pinheiros neighbourhood in the city of São Paulo. At the age of 27 today, she already has hundreds of tattoos made on people from several cities in Brazil and abroad, Malu (nickname from Maria Luiza) began as an apprentice and learned to tattoo while studying advertising in college.

Since childhood, she always loved to draw, mainly with pencil, ink and paper, she never was attracted to digital illustration and image editing softwares, which lessons were mandatory at the university. Malu Toledo found in the tattoo the ideal format to express her purely handmade and manual creation.

Her first inspiration was botanical designs and even today many customers ask for flowers and florals, in her unique and characteristic style. Despite keeping her distance from digital tools when creating and expressing her talent, Malu knows that the technology present in social media platforms and the new resources of the so-called Web3 are essential to promote her work, reach and engage to more and more people.

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Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 1849
São Paulo / SP - Brazil


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