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Zuleika de Souza

Zuleika de Souza


Zuleika Eleutério de Souza was born in Brasília in 1963 and has been a photographer since 1982, worked or collaborated for the main Brazilian magazines and newspapers, the longest time being 25 years at Jornal Correio Braziliense, where she was part of Revista do Correio and subscribed to the Photo & Grafia column.
She currently works as an independent photographer and manages the space dedicated to photography Plano Imaginário at 504 Sul. Plano Imaginário produces fairs, exhibitions, calls, courses, meetings and lectures with great names in Brazilian photography. She is part of the photobook editing collective Zebrinha – which edits the ZL magazine about photographers from Brasília.
Zuleika has a strong connection with the urbanism of the capital and systematically photographs the popular architecture of the Federal District.

Exposições individuais
*Deusas – Teatro Nacional – 2001
*Um olhar na Moda – Park Shopping – 2005
*Chão de Flores – CCBB Brasília – 2015
*Brasília Archi-Coloree – Grenoble – França 2017
*Entre Quadras – Alfinete Galeria – 2018
*W3-Divergentes Brasílias – Espaço Cultural Renato Russo – 2018/19
*Jardinagens do Devaneio – Galeria Cobogó – 2020

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