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Sidney Haddad


backstage serie was developed during the downtime of a cosmetics photography session in my studio. for 2 days, during commercial work breaks, I photographed the studio and its elements to create the work presented here.

About Improbable Prints

“Today, photography no longer represents, duplicates or interprets the world. A post-photography reinvents, improvises, multiplies worlds. “A new way of seeing what I’ve already seen”, says Sidney Haddad, photographer and wanderer, about his prints. improbable, each one woven by an image that is recycled and replicated. The city that the photographer appropriates when walking, this city that the walker occupies when photographing, reveals itself as a mutating organism. “We inhabit the image and the image inhabits us.” Here and now, an ecology of the image is allowed in which the notion of author or the concept of originality is less important. There is more appropriation than ownership. This unpretentious visual chronicle of neighborhood life, made a print, already can wear, melee, the city.” (Andrea Vilela)

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