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Orlando Pedroso

Brute dance

Brute Dance is a series created from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting movements in which athletes face themselves seeking submission from each other.
Some people find this sport violent. There are those who don’t even consider it a sport, but the fact is that man has always fought and created opportunities to face forces.
In the 1980s, in an interview with a major weekly magazine, writer Raquel de Queiroz stated that she loved staying up late to watch boxing matches. It was the era of the Mike Tyson phenomenon who, at that moment, was ruthless with his opponents.
That statement took a weight off my back and made me feel less guilty for enjoying seeing two people face off to defeat each other.
In the case of MMA, the rules give fighters the opportunity to punch, kick, fly or deliver finishing moves that create a ballet that is particularly interesting and full of possibilities.
Brute Dance is an attempt to portray these plastic movements with agility and humor.

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