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Joao Arruda

The Musicians

Affective memories are activated when we listen to music and this is timeless. At some point in the future we will be remembering today’s music in new stories. From my childhood I have accumulated an infinite repertoire of songs. What did my parents listen to? Louis Armstrong, Paulinho da Viola, Charles Aznavour, Aretha Franklin and even Julio Iglesias. Everything was possible, from Frank Sinatra to Bezerra da Silva, passing through Elis Regina. After absorbing it all came Rock from my older brothers. At that time I saw Rita Lee, who was my neighbor, walking the streets, right after her first success with her band Tutti Frutti. As a teenager I added classical and instrumental music to the repertoire. Today I continue to listen mainly to the new Brazilian Psychedelic Rock and that’s how new songs appear for my musical menu.

I became a musician, as well as a visual artist, having played with different bands and styles. The collection of drawings and paintings “Musicians” translates into images many of my experiences and sensations that I have when I play. Rhythm and vibration are some of the many musical elements that I convert into lines and colors. Handmade drawings receive many layers and digital treatments. I portray musicians in action, characters that refer to my musical performances, transforming into images an eclectic range of styles that as a musician, I play and enjoy listening to.

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