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Joao Arruda

Joao Arruda


I am a self-taught visual artist, musician and video artist, motivated by curiosity, but always digging deep into different media, experimenting with new techniques and ideas. As a teenager I worked in different areas, as a theater scenography assistant with director Antunes Filho, with samba school allegories and the first exhibitions at the São Paulo Cultural Center. As a musician I played a lot in São Paulo in the 80s, until I went to Europe in 1990 and settled in Amsterdam for 12 years. I worked intensively, in important theaters and festivals in Germany, Belgium, England, Austria, Spain, Greece, among others. Today, back in Brazil, I keep experimenting with new techniques, between drawings, paintings, videos and digital art.

As a visual artist

  • Selected for Homeostasis Lab digital art exhibition.
  • Art call “Between Wolf and Dog”.


  • Exhibitions (paintings) – Art Around the World at Ethos Gallery in Hong-Kong • Affordable Art Fair in Singapore.
    video art

2006 to 2010

  • Video for the presentation of the Anjo Novo show, by the Passo Livre dance group, from the Funarte Dance Award Klaus Vianna. Performances at the Centro Cultural de São Paulo and Teatro Olido.

As a musician

  • Kaleidoscope, tribute to Jorge Mautner, awarded by PROAC, presentations at Espaço Cultural O Barco.

2000 to 2005

  • Stereomono Band – Rio de Janeiro.

1998 and 99

  • Hair Musical, a 30th anniversary tour, co-directed by its author Jim Rado – there were more than 150 shows in Europe and the Middle East.

1991 to 1997

  • Banda Fuzuê released two CDs: in 1993 and 1995 by EMI, having participated in both as a musician, composer and arranger. In its six years of existence, a band played in major theaters and festivals in several European countries.

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