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For Malu Toledo, tattooing on the skin makes an art that becomes part of a person’s life, it grows, evolves and adapts along with you. A vision that can be applied to blockchain technology and NFTs, which, like every tattoo, guarantees security, possession and permanence of the art work, valuing and rewarding directly its owners, authors and creators.

Debuting her art exhibition for tattoos in NFT, creating exclusive pairs of drawings for couples to celebrate this Dia dos Namorados* (plus an option of a single item to singles persons), Malu starts to offer to clients and admirers, another way to acquire her creations, this time also with the theme of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. *Means Lovers Day in Portuguese, an event similar to Valentine’s Day, celebrated in Brazil every June 12th.

All the artworks available in this collection can be applied as real tattoos for 2 persons in her studio, under previous apointment after purchasing the NFT. Malu’s Tattoo Factory studio is located in the Pinheiros neighbourhood, São Paulo city, Brazil. This offer is valid only until August 31st, 2022 and can be redeemed only once for each NFT. The use of other studios in different cities to make the tattoo can be consulted with Malu Toledo, if available, any travel and accommodation costs will be under the responsibility of the purchaser.

The artist

Malu Toledo

Brazilian tattoo artist known by her style of thin and delicate lines, Malu Toledo (Instagram: @tattoomalu) works at Tattoo Factory […]

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Lovers Day Special
Malu Toledo

Lovers Day Special

by Malu Toledo

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