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Generic Pegasus

“To horse around” means to engage in horseplay, playing and pushing each other, as children often do. 

This series playfully explores and develops the concept of Horse in its multiple cultural significations, starting with the equestrian statue, which typically portrayed kings, emperors and military commanders, but also embodied the idea of freedom, dignity, elegance, beauty and so on.

Using the destabilizing tools and approaches of humorous mindset – metaphors, disguises, comparisons, misplaces, reversals – familiar images reveal new and unexpected connections and relationships. 

“Horsin’ Around” is a surprise horseback ride through human culture.

The artist

João Spacca

João Spacca de Oliveira, more commonly known as Spacca, born in São Paulo in 1964, is a Brazilian cartoonist and comic book artist.

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Horsin’ Around
João Spacca

Horsin’ Around

by João Spacca

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